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About the Seminars & Workshops conducted in English

Growing up in an international school community can pose unexpected challenges for bilingual learners.

Caught in between multiple perspectives and ideologies the international school student may adrift in the sea of betwixt and between.

SevenSees seminars and workshops are guaranteed to help teachers, staff, and administrators of International schools to provide practices and measures to overcome the challenges, and in furtherance, offers guidance on how a student can maintain a balanced identity. 

What makes the presentations unique, yet powerful, is that all presentations are based on the presenter’s personal experiences as a bilingual learner, teacher, and researcher substantiated by research studies related to effective bilingual development.

The presentations are carefully orchestrated to meet the demands of all those involved in international education.

The presentations should become timely engagements to foster a readiness mind for teachers, staff, and administrators for the new school year in the fall, let alone guaranteed to be great professional development opportunities as well.



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Topics of Seminars and Workshops

Global Citizen

Emergence of new identity

Comparative Education

Collectivism and Individualism

Bilingual Education

Second Language Acquisition